Pyrography Basics – Usage, Types, Equipment & more!

Hey there  &  Welcome! This article will help you navigate the basics of a woodburning machine, while helping you select the right machine for you! We know that learning a new skill or upgrading an old machine can be intimidating, so we’re [...]

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Epoxy Resin Basics – Usage, Types, Equipment & more!

Segment #1 - Resin Basics:  Supplies and Set Up You’ve seen countless resin projects on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok; but where do YOU start? As a beginner, a medium like (epoxy) resin can be very intimidating. Below are some of the [...]

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New Product Feature: Marathon Micromotor 35,000RPM Rotary Tool

With a maximum speed of 35,000 rpms, the Marathon K-3 Micromotor gets you started power carving with a low initial investment. The light, comfortable handpiece connects to the power supply/speed control unit with an extremely flexible 6'-long self-coiling cord. Equipped with a 1/8"-diameter [...]

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New Product Feature: Pegas Scroll Band Saw

The all-new Pegas Scroll Band Saw differs from saws you may have seen in the past. It's essentially a combination of the two saws portrayed by it's unique name. It utilizes the same Pegas blades as their other saws, which as subscriber [...]

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