Scroll Saw Patterns are the lifeline for many scroll saw artists.

There are many brilliant designers who create scroll saw patterns, both free and those you pay for.

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Steve Good’s Scroll Saw Workshop

Daily Newsletters, Videos, Tutorials, Thousands of Patterns and more available!

Steve has been publishing for over 10 years and has amassed over 50 million downloads in total. There are many patterns for you to browse and select from. He’s got one of the biggest online communities for Scroll Saw enthusiasts, and has spent many years being sure to keep it the best source of content possible.

About Steve Good

Steve Good has been an active member of the Scroll Saw Community for many years. He is known by people as The Scroll Saw Guy. He spends his time creating new patterns for people with the same passion as him, every single week. This contribution of FREE patterns is why he is such a respected figure. This allows others to create new things with easy-to-follow instructions and without an additional cost. Also, there’s the fact that all his patterns are entirely ORIGINAL. We cannot stress enough how valuable Steve Good’s Scroll Saw Workshop is to those who have an interest in the hobby of Scrolling.

Steve in Action

Here’s a video of Steve Good going through some of the things you can do with just a Scroll Saw and a passion to learn.

Take a look!

Click the image to visit Steve Good’s Scroll Saw Workshop

Scroll Saw Village

Scroll Saw Village has been a well-known hub for scrollers since before Facebook was around. This community has been built over many years and they have many patterns available for free today! There is a database within the site where users can submit their own plans for others to download, this system has lead to an endless amount of patterns being produced for you to use freely. The forums give you quick access to many product reviews, project discussions, plan-making help and more! We strongly recommend giving this website a look when you have some spare time. It truly is one of the backbones of the scrolling community.

H.Botas Scroll Saw Patterns

Another place to find great patterns for free. H.Botas has a great selection available on their website.

Many categories to select patterns from, among many other things to browse.