With a maximum speed of 35,000 rpms, the Marathon K-3 Micromotor gets you started power carving with a low initial investment. The light, comfortable handpiece connects to the power supply/speed control unit with an extremely flexible 6′-long self-coiling cord. Equipped with a 1/8″-diameter collet, you can change most common bits with a twist of your wrist. To use bits with a 3/32″-diameter shaft, slip in the reducing sleeve and insert the bit as normal.

Instead of fighting a cumbersome flexible shaft, or scorching your hands using an inexpensive rotary tool, carve, grind, cut, shape, sand, and de-fuzz in complete comfort. The unit features 3.2Ncm of torque and one of the quietest motors on the market.

Look below for a video demonstration by Bob Duncan from Grobet.

What can I use the Micro Motor for?

The main uses of these are typically:

  • Shaving the edges of your scrolled projects

  • Rotary bits for carving texture and intarsia

  • Carving super fine hair texture; as easy as drawing with a pencil

  • Defuzzing discs for removing all fuzzies from finished project

 Where Can I Get Myself Marathon Micromotor?

Bear Wood Supply Co. happens to carry the best Marathon Micromotors around. Come check out our online store today to see our selection, we ship North American wide.

Don’t forget that the Artistry in Wood Show was this weekend.

Bear Wood Supply Co. was lucky enough to be a participant. Check out the informational video below to learn more about the Marathon Micromotor while also seeing how the show was.