While you may think that a scroll saw would be limited to a small variety of woodworking projects, I can assure you that this is false. The scroll saw is a versatile tool that has applications in almost any project you may decide to take up. Today we will be taking a look at some things that make me say “I never knew you could do that!” While you may already know some of these applications, I recommend browsing anyways just to refresh your mind.

Desk Organizer & Phone Holder

In the photo shown above, you can see a small desk organizer with a smart phone holder. This is a project done by Steve Good. This is one of those projects you can do and give to just about anybody, it makes a great Christmas or Birthday present! Very personal feel to it and will add some liveliness to your desk. Organization is the key to being productive, so get crafting one of these lovely desk organizers today. If you are interested in trying this out for yourself, there are actually four designs you can choose from. Depending on if you want to hold pens, business cards or just generic office items, there is perfect choice for you. Check out four styles of desk organizer scroll saw patterns, presented by Steve Good. Be sure to leave him a review, if possible, as he puts a lot of effort into making it easy for you guys.

Delicate Fretwork “Love You” Sign

The photo depicts a small and delicate sign made by no other than Steve Good. What is special about this project to me is the attention to detail. Very small and intricate design, hollowed center and beautiful stand to tie it together. These are the kind of projects that make great gifts for birthdays and more! If you would like to learn how this specific project was crafted, take a look at Scroll Saw Workshop. There are plenty of plans for future projects all of varieties.

“Penny” Bottle Opener

If you need a new bottle opener or want a new project for the weekend, this Penny Bottle Opener is what you’re looking for. It takes a standard penny, two pieces of wood and creates something you can use for life. It’s always nice to add a little bit of personality into your normal routines. When you sit down at the end of a week what better way to crack a cold one than to open it with your own house-made bottle opener. This is one of those projects that you can pick up any time because it’s considerably simple to craft. I know I will be adding this to my ongoing list of work to be done.

Rotating Drawer Box

Yet another breathtaking design done by Steve Good, a rotating drawer makes the perfect place to store valuables like jewelry. This project is a little more than some other’s, but hard work always pays off when it comes to scroll sawing. The humming bird on the top is what stands out the most, giving a great contrast between light and dark wood. Give this project a try if you feel up to a challenge today.

Football Clock

This is one for the football fans out there. This lovely little clock is a great piece to have out during your favorite football games. Not only does it represent your favorite past time, you can also use it to tell the time. Check it out at the Scroll Saw Workshop for a free download, there are many other clock patterns available as well if Football isn’t your style!

You can find all your clock parts and inserts at Bear Wood Supply Co.

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