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How do I cut corners?2019-10-10T17:05:50+00:00

Cutting a corner with a scroll saw can prove to be a difficult task. Many people will just cut up to the corner, and then simply turn the piece of wood into the next line. This is a common way to create a rounded corner, because you can’t turn a scroll saw blade in such harsh angles.

The best way to counteract this method of scrolling is to follow your line to the corner, then extend your cut into the waste wood. Make a neat circle just outside the area you are cutting in. This can be used as an area to move your blade and set it to the right angle to cut a perfect corner. Line it up, cut to the next corner and then repeat the steps for a stellar end result.

All video credits go to Steve Good, check out his site for more tips.

What can I do with a scroll saw?2019-10-10T17:20:34+00:00

Scroll saws are often used to cut intricate curves and joints, a task they can complete quickly and with great accuracy. Spend some time learning this skill and you will be justly rewarded for your hard work. There is a plethora of free plans available for use, feel free to check them out at the Scroll Saw Workshop.


Check out this short video by Steve Good.

What materials can I cut?2019-10-10T18:13:25+00:00

Scroll saws can cut a variety of material, including bone, wood, rubber, metal, leather, and wood. The dependent factor in this would be the choice of blade that you decide to go with. The most common scroll saw blade would be the 5″ pin end blade. This blade offers a choice of tooth styles that includes Regular, Hook, Skip and Skip Reverse.


For a much more detailed explanation, check out Steve Good’s video’s below.

Steve Good’s Lesson 1 – Scroll Saw Blades

Steve Good’s Lesson 2 – Scroll Saw Blades

What are the best kinds of wood to use?2019-10-11T21:23:54+00:00

When selecting from a variety of wood to use for your next scroll saw project, there’s a few factors to consider before making your choice. Typically speaking, soft wood does not make a viable option for scrolling. This is due to the properties inherited from the natural softness of the wood, such as being to brittle and prone to breakage. While impractical for projects, softer wood can still be utilized for learning experiences. Generally you would choose a harder wood, that can withstand the intricate details of most scroll saw work.

The thickness of wood you decide to go with is also a large factor on how your saw will perform. Anything thicker than 2″ should most likely be cut using a band saw instead. Ash and Maple wood are two of the most suggested woods to start a project with.

What is the difference between Pinned and Pinless blades?2019-10-11T21:24:30+00:00

A pinned blade has a metal pin located at either end of the blade. This pin gives the operator the ability to change blades very quick and with ease. They are fairly easy-use blades and work great for any scrolling project that is not too intricate. They are not super useful for the more detailed projects however.

A pinless blade is directly clamped to the saw with blade clamps or chucks. There are many different variants of blade types and sizes with a pinless option. They excel at cutting internal areas of your project and making very tight turns and angles.

Why do some blades look like they are missing teeth?2019-10-11T21:34:35+00:00

One of the most common issues with the blade of a scroll saw is that it constantly moves up and down, generating too much heat. As the blade cuts through the wood and sawdust fills the crack the blade can heat up. This heat can burn your wood and cause premature braking of the blade. Many blade manufacturers have discovered that if there is space between the teeth of a blade it allows the sawdust to fall free of the blade. This small change prevents heat from generating as much, creating a better experience for the scroller.

Who makes the best blades and where can I get them?2019-10-17T15:51:44+00:00

There are various brands of scroll saw blades available for different applications. Generally speaking, Bear Woods Supply Co. would recommend using the Pegas Brand Scroll Saw Blades over any other. These blades are crafted at highest quality available, intended to improve overall user experience. You can find these blades and many more at our Online Store.

Why can’t I use spiral blades for everything?2019-10-17T16:08:09+00:00

A spiral blade is only good in specific scenarios, due to it leaving a much rougher cut than typical blades. With enough practice you can do more complex cuts with a flat blade because it can back out of a thin cut much easier than a spiral, which leaves a thick path. A spiral blade is very good cuts inside long boards that could not normally be swung around in the throat of the saw

If you are interested in scroll saws, but you aren’t sure what to make yet, check out Scroll Saw Workshop. There are thousands of designs to download with step-by-step instructions.

Scrolling has never been so simple.

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