New Product Feature

The use of wooden dowel pins in the creation of strong joints never goes out of style. When creating furniture or cabinetry from scratch, or restoring antiques, dowel pins may present the best joining method for the piece amidst the many known techniques.

Formerly, the process required the craftsman to supply the glue that secures the pins and wood members in place. But using pre-glued dowel pins instead offers benefits not available with the two-part system. The Bear Woods pre-glued pins come already coated with a thin layer of Type 1 re-moisturizing polyvinyl acetate (PVA) wood glue. An application of water is all that is needed to activate the glue.

Why Use Pre-Glued Dowel Pins?

Pre-glued dowel pins offer several benefits over regular pins, such as:

  • – You eliminate the risk of using too much glue. Failure to quickly remove any squeeze-out can mar the final finish.

  • – You can save costs by bypassing the glue and the steps required to both apply it and monitor for over application. In a larger production run, these savings can add up.

  • – Rather than expensive glue, you only need water to soften the glue already on the pins.

  • – The evenly-spread glue activates uniformly. You no longer need to worry about whether the pin is sufficiently coated on all sides and in the grooves before joining the two items together.

“Thanks for the Great Service — I am very satisfied with the quality and price point of the product I purchased. The items were shipped in a timely fashion, and Bear Woods made a product available, which is not very easy to find in large quantities at a reasonable price. Thanks for the great service and I hope to do business with you in the future.” 

Robert, 12/26/16

“Owner SpinOlution — SpinOlution uses 1/4 ” pins to [align] parts and for reinforcement, they work perfectly. Without these pins we would have to redesign our wheels and the cost would go up a lot. We have been using these pin from the start of SpinOlution. I have removed them from some parts [then] put them back in because of the reinforcement that the pins give.”

Michael, 9/21/15

“Well Made and Great Price — Well made and great price. What more can I say? Our local suppliers don’t match the quality or the price (or the availability) so we get them from Bear Woods on the other side of the country!!”

John, 2/25/16

What do customers think of our dowels?

So far, our Birchwood, pre-glued pins have customers coming back. Here are some of their comments: