Unlike functional carpentry, such as building tables, chairs and cabinets, wood art requires some rather specialized tools. One of our favorite devices for creating astonishingly beautiful art is the scroll saw. This machine takes ordinary carpentry to sublime levels, especially if you have exactly the right scroll saw blade for your project at hand.

Customer Feature: The Carpentry of Rev. Hugh Fudge

One of Bear Woods’ customers, Rev. Hugh Fudge, makes miracles with his scroll saw. His smaller accomplishments go for sale at craft fairs; however, as gifts exclusively for family or dear friends, he makes very elaborate cathedral clocks with an incredible level of precision.

As you can see, use of a high-quality scroll saw blade is paramount for his designs. Rev. Fudge explains: “I am very particular about the quality of my finished project. The hardest part of any project is making sure the cuts fit together, and the fretwork is neat and tidy. When everything fits together with no flaws, it makes me proud of my work.”

You might think that you should receive a formal woodworking education to master such perfect, delicate wood art, but Rev. Fudge had no such advantage. He says, “I just enjoy working with wood. I didn’t take any courses in carpentry, it seems to come naturally for me. Some of my family members were excellent carpenters but never did any courses.”

A desire to fashion striking examples of fine carpentry, coupled with top-notch scroll saw blades, may be all anyone needs to express their imagination in wood. As testimony to the quality products we carry, Rev. Fudge buys his scroll saw blades from Bear Woods. We also offer a large selection of clocks movements and replacement clock parts.

What Do the Experts Say about the Best Scroll Saw Blade for Your Wood Art Project?

Experienced woodworkers know that inferior scroll saw blades, break, bind, burn and leave splintered edges. Because you can find a dizzying array of blades to buy, we thought you might like to hear what Steve Good of the Scroll Saw Workshop blog thinks. Steve selected six models from five different leading brands of blades that he had purchased at some point. He decided to do a comparison for the benefit of his thousands of followers and customers. From unopened packages, Steve snapped magnified pictures of each blade.

What Steve discovered should come as no surprise to Bear Woods customers. He determined that the Pegas® brand blades displayed the highest quality metal and workmanship upon close inspection. See the details here.

Now you know why we carry only these Swiss-made, carbon steel blades most appreciated by both Steve Good and Rev. Fudge.

What Beginners Should Know About Scroll Saw Blades

Steve admonishes the beginners to select only the best blades as they learn to use the scroll saw. Once he switched to high-quality blades, he says it was like he had upgraded his scroll saw. Long experience has taught him that good blades help beginners improve technique. We think this is great advice.

Our Pegas® brand blades start with superior steel that is heat treated and tempered to maintain a uniform grain structure and achieve ultimate hardness. This strength enables them to form the precision-sharp teeth that effortlessly cut through wood and leave smooth edges. When your first projects turn out better than you expected, you’ll quickly want to move on to more challenging works of wood art.

Check out all the woodworking and scroll sawing supplies Bear Woods makes available for your woodworking goals.