Styles come and go, but timepieces are forever! You may have seen the trend towards big clocks recently — gorgeous, oversized wall clocks that become a focal point of any room. One of our Bear Woods customers recently told us about a great idea that we wanted to share with you: they started hosting painting classes featuring our high torque clock movements. The personalized designs you create can add visual interest to any room of your home. They become DIY conversation pieces.

Supplies You Need

When our customer The Paint Place in Fort Saint John, BC decided to offer a special big clock painting class for their Homestead Milk Paint series, they had no idea it would be a runaway hit. They shared: “We try to come up with fresh ideas for our paint classes and this particular class was to promote our Homestead House Milk Paint Class. Oversized clocks are all the rage right now so what better than to offer a clock class to promote our business and classes.”

They used Bear Woods’ Continuous Sweep High Torque Movements plus a selection of hands from our 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch hour and minute hands. The hands themselves are spray-paintable making the selection even more flexible.

This gave attendees a unique experience they’ll never forget. The clock bases themselves are handmade by an employee of The Paint Place. The Paint Place knew they had a winner on their hands when the first class sold out in only a few minutes. Subsequent classes continue to be incredibly popular and fill up quickly.

Clock Locations

Once the attendees have their completed masterpiece, they need to determine where to place it in their home. Defining a feature point in any room takes balance and practice; determining the flow of traffic through the room, looking at what catches your eye and ensuring that there isn’t too much going on to distract your visitors.

Clocks are a highly functional piece of art because your family will constantly be glancing at them to assure they’re on schedule (hopefully). If you paint a big clock, consider placing it in high traffic areas to help everyone keep moving throughout the day. Placing too many clocks in your bedroom can be distracting, so limit to areas such as kitchens, entrance halls and the like.

Add the Sound of Silence.

Quality Inspiration

Painters love that their creation will be functional as well as beautiful. The rustic designs and visual movement of big clocks are soothing and a practical addition to your home. Consider creating a clock that contrasts with your interior wall for a stunning display that will last through the ages — while helping your family stay on target for their daily schedule.

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